Hill House

Responding to an exceptional site and the client’s brief for a contemporary interpretation of a ranch, the Hill House is designed as a series of spaces stepping down the site under a rectilinear floating roof. The house occupies a north facing ridge in Pullenvale, and a single room plan allows each room to exploit the views and climatic advantages of the site.

The structure does not touch the ground lightly but rather grows solidly out of the hill to the south and floats above the landscape to the north. Intentionally designed with two disguises – a firm and introverted façade which is revealed to the public and a graceful and extroverted façade which is revealed to the landscape. On approach, the visitor is greeted by a long, textural brick wall and a black box which frames the porte cochere and conceals the views. On entry into the house through a large door underneath the cantilevered timber box, the view is gradually revealed through a series of volumes and the journey from public to private spaces is filled with delight and crafted details.

Project Information




New Build


Angus Martin Photography


Builder: MCD Constructions
Stair construction: Thump Balustrades
Structural engineering: Bligh Tanner
Hydraulic Engineering: BRW
Certification: Building Surveying Professionals

* This project was completed whilst an Associate at Arkhefield